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Live video from Taos Mesa Brewing now posted! 

Matt has been putting in the hours mixing and editing the sound recording and video from our show at Taos Mesa Brewing.  He's so multi-talented <3

We've got 5 songs from the night live on the video page now.
Now you can see and hear us with the awesome rhythm section we got to play with while we were in New Mexico - Johny Broomdust on upright bass and Jamie Russell on drums. 
Cheers and enjoy!

Being at Home for a hot spell 

We made it home from this amazing tour. 
4,870 miles in 26 days.  Epic!
Thanks so much to everyone along the way who made us feel so welcome and at home wherever we were.
The trip was amazing, we just fell in love with New Mexico.  We look forward to spending some time out there again, particularly when it's 102 degrees in Louisiana and we check with our Santa Fe and Taos friends and see that it's 25-30 degrees cooler.  Sigh.
Everywhere we played, the responses were really positive.  It's very encouraging :) 
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Radioland and post-tour notes 

We're coming to the end of this piece of the #homeVol1Tour and the journey has been amazing. So many new friends, much joy and gratitude for the kindness and for the amazing landscapes we've encountered. 
We look forward to returning to these new places strengthening the bonds. 
We also look forward to coming home and continuing the work on the Home volumes recordings. We've had a chance to flesh out some of the newer songs for volume 2, and be inspired for new songs for volume 3. 

In radio news, Home: Vol. 1… Read more

Official Press Release for Home: Vol. 1 

New Orleans Roots duo, Sweet Jones, takes their new EP ‘Home Vol. 1’ on the road.

The couple met at a gig in Austin, a post-Katrina love story set to music.  Melissa has family roots in TX and grew up in Austin; Matthew was retreating and recovering from the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.  As two independent artists from divergent backgrounds, they felt compelled to merge their styles to create a sound more representative and ultimately more rewarding.   They have been performing together as Sweet Jones… Read more

New EP and Summer Southwest Tour Update 

I'll admit, we've been busier than ever, but not in the clubs with the usual gigs;
Busy on the home front - creating and crafting, listening, writing and revising, booking, visualizing.

Steadily we go on this new batch of songs!  We've decided to release multiple EP's instead of one long playing (LP) album. This way, we are able to compile groups of songs as they… Read more

Summer Southwest Tour 

Recording continues at Los DeOrazios studios, really pleased with the sounds we're getting now and the way the songs are shape-shifting.  We hope to have at least a short-run EP ready for summer.  

We're also in the midst of planning and booking our annual summer tour getaway - this time to Santa Fe.  We'll be performing at the Santa Fe Wine Festival July 4th weekend.  
Stops along the way include:  Clarksdale, MS; Memphis, TN; Norman, OK; various parts of TX and of course the Santa Fe/Taos/ABQ region.  We… Read more

Spring approaching 

Hello and hallelujah that Springtime is just around the corner!
One of our favorite seasons...jasmine and sweet olive blooming their sweet fragrant and festivals around town begin to flower and flow as well.  Good times to be coming!

We've started the recording process, pre-production style - We record basic tracks for all the songs, as a sketch to listen back and decide what we'd like to add/subtract/rework.  So far, so good - 11 songs have unfolded before us, and we're super pleased. 
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MIA & 2015 dream a new dream 

Happy Holidays dear folks!
Yes, we've been a little MIA the last month or has a way of creating space for rest and dreams.
We are still brewing new tunes and pondering what comes next in the way of recording and performing live.
Holiday time has been filled with familial adventures here in New Orleans, and will continue over the next week or so, as we travel to TX for more family and friends connecting.
We plan to begin recording in earnest mid-January and mapping out these songs and look forward… Read more

NCIS in New Orleans, mini TX Tour, and music! 

The CBS TV show, NCIS: New Orleans premieres officially on Tuesday, September 23rd

Although El DeOrazio has been on pause from club gigs, the music has been on play and in full development at home in the studio.  El D will be posting new songs periodically as they come to life.  Click here to listen and enjoy!! 
As for new songs for Sweet Jones, those are also coming to life, but patience my friends, may get to here a few at some live shows though.

mini TX Tour -
We're headed to Shreveport and… Read more

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  • #ATMicMan was excited to hang with our merch crew at #modcoffeehouse #homeVol1tour #Galveston
    #ATMicMan was excited to hang with our merch crew at #modcoffeehouse #homeVol1tour #Galveston
  • Warming up pool side for tonight in #Galveston at #modcoffeehouse 😀 #homeVol1tour
    Warming up pool side for tonight in #Galveston at #modcoffeehouse 😀 #homeVol1tour
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    Even as it's August hot outside, I had an itch for #veganbaking since it was just my birthday 😊 I made two cookie recipes from #babycakesnyc and seed crackers from #ohsheglows My sweet jones is satisfied. Now back to Sweet Jones 😜
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    El D tracks lead lines. #lespaul #homerecording #guitar
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