Sweet Jones has finished their debut studio album, titled 'Magnolia'.  It is now available on the Music page. The CD release party took place at Chickie Wah Wah on November 8th, 2012.  Check the calendar and Facebook for updates. Click the Magnolia page for more info.  CD liner notes are available to read on the Magnolia drop down tab. 
If there is a festival, farmers market, or arts market where you think our music fits, please send us a message through our website or facebook.  We are grateful for your support!!

News Updates

Post tour good times and looking ahead 

We're happy to have been away, and grateful to be back home. Thanks so much to all the amazing people we met along the way, the family and friends we got to spend quality time with, and much thanks to our local friends & neighbors holding down the fort.Come hang with us tomorrow night at the Beatnik 1638 Clio (former Bigtop) New Orleans.  Show starts at 9pm, we're opening for our friends… Read more

Tour-Land - July 2014 - East Coast 

Vacation life and tour-land begins officially tomorrow! We're thrilled and super grateful to take a good piece of time off from our usual routines and get our highway miles on. Tomorrow evening, we'll be just a short drive over from New Orleans in Ocean Springs at the FireFly Tavern. Then Monday morning, we begin our journey toward Va Beach, stopping first in Atlanta and then Winston-Salem. Our calendar… Read more

Summer Shows and East Coast adventures 

April and May have just completely evaporated!  We've been staying busy while summer is on the fast track to greet us.We're in the midst of planning our annual road trip tour, this time out to Virginia Beach and back in July.  Excited!We have a few dates set up so far and waiting to hear back about a few more.  It takes time and multiple/frequent visits to break into new towns.  At this stage,… Read more

NCIS: New Orleans 

We are immensely thrilled to let you know about some very exciting news!!!  Sweet Jones has been selected to be one of the local featured musical acts on the very first episode of NCIS: New Orleans.  The talented and funny Rachel Hsieh joins us on cello for this particular song.  We had a blast working with her and the set/sound crew for the show.  We look forward to more adventures like this in the future!  The show… Read more

February Update 

My, oh, my, how the time flies!  I'm amazed that Mardi Gras/March is around the corner. We've been a bit busy since 2014 arrived.  We traveled to TX to visit family and friends, and enjoyed a little time off.  Then Melissa had a lengthy bout with a nasty chest cold/cough that slowed her down quite a bit, if you can imagine.  She's doing much better now and I think it's safe to say she's fully recovered. Thankfully, we… Read more

The Living Room Sessions - December 2013  

Happy Solstice dear friends,We had a hard time deciding the next song to share from our Living Room, so a happy bonus for you, we're sharing two!  A double shot of goodness on the shortest day of the year.About the tunes:Killing the Blues - A favorite cover written by Rowland Salley. We discovered it on the album Raising Sand by Alison Krauss and Robert Plant and it quickly became a staple of our… Read more

The Living Room Sessions 

Hello and Happy Holiday season!The year is winding down and our hibernating-creating nature is settling in. We're shifting our musical gears again and developing new sounds with a focus on strings and vocals.  Melissa is playing her Takamine acoustic again, (which was the 1st guitar she learned to play with back in '96), combined with Matthew's electric creates a nice blend of natural tones.   We're always… Read more

Earbits Radio! 

We recently signed up for earbits radio and made it through their editorial screening process - you can now stream Magnolia online, as well as listen to other great independant artists.  Listen to Long Time Coming here - http://www.earbits.com/s/gPIeT9xVOinsp

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